Revitalising CSTM: Strategic Facilities Management Transformation with Expert Recruitment


CSTM, a prominent organisation, has undergone significant transitions in its facilities management over the years. Originally housed in a newly refurbished building since 2008, the role of managing IT and building maintenance was initially consolidated under the IT Manager. However, by 2011, changes in staffing led to the amalgamation of responsibilities under an IT and Facilities Manager. As the building aged, the complexity of this role grew, highlighting the need for specialised expertise in both IT and facilities management.

The Challenge

With the departure of key personnel over the years, including the Facilities and IT Manager in 2013, CSTM faced the challenge of finding an individual capable of effectively managing and overseeing both facilities and IT aspects of their operations. The incumbent struggled to meet the managerial demands of the role, necessitating a restructuring to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in facility management.

To address these challenges, CSTM engaged us to redefine and fill two critical roles: Facilities and Premises Manager and Facilities and Premises Officer. This restructuring aimed to distribute responsibilities more effectively and ensure comprehensive management of their premises. The Facilities and Premises Manager role, particularly, was pivotal in aligning facilities management with organisational goals, including closer collaboration with St Martin’s Church and overseeing significant IT infrastructure projects.

The Facilities and Premises Manager position was structured to lead strategic initiatives including:

• Developing and implementing comprehensive building maintenance plans.

• Managing contractors for cleaning, maintenance, and IT projects.

• Ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations and policies.

• Planning and executing small capital projects.

• Facilitating effective communication and collaboration with IT and telephone contractors.

The Results

Under our guidance, CSTM successfully appointed a skilled Facilities and Premises Manager on an 18-month fixed-term contract. This new manager swiftly integrated into the organisation, leveraging existing foundational assessments like building condition surveys and health and safety audits to prioritise improvements and streamline operations.

The appointment of the Facilities and Premises Manager facilitated:

• Enhanced collaboration with St Martin’s Church, unlocking new opportunities for mutual benefit.

• Efficient management of ongoing IT replacement projects and future telephone system upgrades.

• Implementation of proactive maintenance schedules, reducing operational disruptions and enhancing workplace safety.