Filling the Critical Role of Head of Facilities The Royal College of Psychiatrists


Founded over 180 years ago, The Royal College of Psychiatrists are the professional medical body responsible for supporting psychiatrists throughout their careers from training through to retirement, and in setting and raising standards of psychiatry in the United Kingdom

The Challenge

Our challenge was to find a highly qualified and experienced individual to fill the critical role of Head of Facilities The Royal College of Psychiatrists. The position required a dynamic leader with expertise in operational facilities management, including events management and membership organisations.

Utilising our vast network and strategic recruitment methodologies, we embarked on search to identify candidates who not only possessed the requisite skills and experience but also aligned closely with the values and culture of The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Candidate Screening: We meticulously screened potential candidates, evaluating their qualifications, experience, and cultural fit with the client organisation.

Customised Candidate Shortlisting: Leveraging the detailed person specification provided by the client, we tailored our shortlisting process to ensure alignment with the specific requirements of the role.

Behavioural Assessments: Conducted in-depth behavioural assessments to gauge candidates' interpersonal skills, leadership capabilities, and ability to thrive in a demanding and dynamic environment.

Interview Preparation: Provided candidates with comprehensive interview preparation, including insights into the client's expectations, key responsibilities of the role, and guidance on showcasing their relevant experience and achievements.

The Results:

After a rigorous selection process, we successfully identified and placed an exceptional candidate who exceeded the client's expectations. The newly appointed Head of Facilities brought a wealth of experience in operational facilities management, events management, and leadership, enabling The Royal College of Psychiatrists to enhance its facilities management function significantly. The appointed candidate was able to enact a wide range of improvement to the FM function, including:

• Successfully managed all College premises and facilities, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

• Led initiatives to enhance sustainability practices, aligning with the College's sustainability strategy and Net Zero objectives.

• Implemented robust health and safety measures, including risk assessments and compliance monitoring, contributing to a safe and secure environment for College staff and members.

• Streamlined contract management processes, optimizing procurement and service delivery while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

• Demonstrated exceptional leadership and team management skills, fostering a culture of excellence and delivering outstanding customer service.

Through our tailored approach and commitment to excellence, we were able to fulfill our client's staffing needs with a highly qualified and capable candidate for the role of Head of Facilities. By partnering with us, the client gained a strategic advantage in securing top talent and advancing their organisational objectives in facilities management.

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"Peter and the team at Maxwell Stephens are incredibly personable to work. They have always taken the time to get to the core of the client's requirements, and using their vast knowledge of the Facilities industry, they manage to help the right people be hired into the right role. Would I choose to work the Maxwell Stephens / Peter again? Absolutely, yes!"