Synergising Success: Elevating Operations at Tindall Riley & Co Limited


We recently filled the critical role of Office/Facilities Manager for Tindall Riley & Co Limited, a renowned firm committed to maintaining an efficient and compliant work environment. The Office/Facilities Manager position is essential in ensuring the smooth operation of various services and compliance with health and safety legislation, supporting the overall goals and performance of the business.

The Challenge

Tindall Riley & Co Limited required an Office/Facilities Manager to manage the day-to-day operations of several departments, including Reception, Post Room, File Control, Catering, and Information Research. The role also entailed budget setting, monitoring compliance with health and safety legislation, and managing various facilities and services. The ideal candidate needed extensive experience in facilities management, strong organisational skills, and the ability to handle confidential information with discretion.

To meet these requirements, we focused our search on candidates with a proven track record in:

• Strategic facilities management

• Health and safety compliance and auditing

• Maintenance and operational efficiency

• Budget management and cost control

• Team leadership and training

The Results

Upon placement, the new Office/Facilities Manager quickly took charge, demonstrating exceptional capability and dedication. Key achievements included:

1. Operational Efficiency:

Managed departments including Reception, Post Room, File Control, Catering, and Information Research, ensuring they met business needs effectively.

Provided training and development to staff, enhancing team performance and productivity.

2. Health & Safety Compliance:

Formulated and implemented health and safety policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with legislation.

Conducted risk assessments and provided H&S awareness training to employees, fostering a safe working environment.

3. Facilities Management:

Liaised with landlords and other tenants to review facilities, building controls, and future plans.

Managed office and equipment contracts, ensuring they were fit for purpose and cost-effective.

Coordinated and oversaw office refurbishments and renovations, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

Monitored office access systems, alarms, and security measures, ensuring the safety of staff and premises.

4. Budget Management:

Prepared and monitored the facilities budget, ensuring expenditure remained within budgetary constraints.

Reviewed supplier/contractor costs periodically, managing tenders and conducting due diligence as required.

5. Business Continuity and CSR:

Maintained business continuity planning data and contributed to BCP planning as a member of the BCP Core Group.

Ensured facilities and resources were managed in accordance with the company's corporate social responsibility statement, contributing to the CSR policy.

6. Team Leadership:

Acted as the central point of contact for the annual power shutdown process, coordinating with contractors and IT to ensure minimal business disruption.

Formed a vital link between the Maintenance Department, Health & Safety Department, and other areas of the company.