Mastering Multifaceted Property Management: Topland's Recruitment Triumph


Topland, a prominent player in the property management sector, recently sought a highly skilled Property Manager to oversee their diverse portfolio of multi-let and single-let properties, encompassing commercial, retail, leisure, and residential spaces. They turned to Maxwell Stephens for our expertise in facilities management recruitment, and we successfully filled this critical role, enhancing Topland’s property management capabilities.

The Challenge

Topland needed a Property Manager who could efficiently manage a wide range of responsibilities:

• Service Charge Budgeting: Handling budget preparation, expenditure review, and reconciliation.

• Tenant Relations: Managing licence applications, occupier requests, and maintaining strong tenant relationships.

• Compliance and Maintenance: Overseeing health & safety compliance, contract management, refurbishments, and preventative maintenance.

• Financial Management: Pursuing arrears, approving invoices, and generating additional income.

The Results

We successfully placed a highly skilled Property Manager with Topland, resulting in:

• Enhanced Efficiency: Improved budgeting processes, tenant management, and compliance adherence.

• Stronger Tenant Relationships: Effective handling of requests and maintaining positive occupier relationships.

• Optimised Operations: Better contract management, timely refurbishments, and proactive financial oversight. This placement significantly bolstered Topland’s property management capabilities, ensuring operational excellence and tenant satisfaction.