Transforming Facilities and IT Leadership at Chester Race Course


Chester Race Course (CRC) is a historic and prestigious venue renowned for its rich heritage and world-class racing events. As a leading racecourse in the UK, CRC attracts thousands of visitors annually and hosts a variety of events beyond the racing calendar. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing exceptional experiences for guests, CRC sought to enhance its facilities management and IT infrastructure leadership through partnering with us.

The challenge

CRC recognised the critical importance of effective facilities management and IT infrastructure to ensure the smooth operation of its premises, uphold safety standards, and deliver top-tier experiences for guests and staff alike. However, the absence of a dedicated Head of Facilities and IT posed challenges in strategic planning, infrastructure maintenance, and operational efficiency. The client aimed to fill this crucial leadership role with a seasoned professional who could align with CRC's values and drive forward its mission.

We undertook the challenge of finding the ideal candidate to spearhead CRC's facilities and IT operations. Leveraging its extensive network and industry knowledge, we meticulously sourced candidates with a proven track record in operations and facilities leadership, coupled with expertise in IT infrastructure management.

The results

After a comprehensive search and rigorous selection process, we identified a standout candidate with a wealth of experience in operations and facilities management across diverse environments. The candidate demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, strategic acumen, and a passion for innovation – qualities perfectly aligned with CRC's requirements.

Through our tailored approach to recruitment and commitment to client satisfaction, CRC successfully appointed its new Head of Facilities and IT. The candidate seamlessly integrated into the organisation, bringing fresh perspectives, strategic insights, and a proactive approach to infrastructure management. Under the new leadership, CRC has optimised its facilities operations, strengthened its IT infrastructure, and enhanced its capacity to deliver outstanding experiences for visitors and stakeholders.

"I cannot fault the team and service at Maxwell Stephens who have helped me step into my new career. First class communication from the outset, clear instructions and directions for my interviews, follow up calls and emails to ensure that everything went well and I was ok. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. That's five stars from me and if I could give them six, I would!"