Precision in Practice: How Twenty Essex Enhanced Facilities Management Through Expert Recruitment


We partnered with Twenty Essex, a prestigious barristers' chambers esteemed for their expertise in international commercial arbitration and public international law. With a commitment to excellence, Twenty Essex sought a proficient Buildings and Facilities Manager to ensure the smooth operation and safety compliance of their premises.

The Challenge

Twenty Essex required a Facilities Manager who could navigate the complexities of managing their facilities portfolio with precision. The candidate needed to possess a blend of technical acumen, project management skills, and a keen eye for health and safety compliance to meet the exacting standards of the role.

The Results

We identified a seasoned Facilities Manager with a proven track record in optimising facilities management processes. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, the selected candidate seamlessly integrated into Twenty Essex's operations. Through strategic facilities management initiatives, Twenty Essex experienced enhanced operational efficiency, improved safety standards, and streamlined premises management. The tailored recruitment approach facilitated the appointment of a highly skilled professional, empowering Twenty Essex to focus on delivering exceptional legal services while ensuring the integrity and functionality of their facilities.