Building Brilliance: A Campus Infrastructure Journey with UCL


We recently partnered with University College London (UCL), one of the world's leading multidisciplinary universities, to fill a crucial leadership position within their Campus Experience and Infrastructure department. UCL is renowned for its academic excellence and boasts an extensive estate comprising over 200 buildings valued at over £2 billion, encompassing more than four million square feet of academic space and nearly 4000 student bedrooms.

The Challenge

UCL sought a Director of Campus Infrastructure and Operations to spearhead their Campus Experience strategy. This individual needed to champion integrated working with academic departments, ensure the safety, accessibility, and efficiency of campus infrastructure, and lead the provision of operational estates and facilities management services across their vast portfolio.

Understanding the unique requirements of the role and the prestigious reputation of UCL, we embarked on an extensive search to identify candidates with the requisite managerial background and experience. We sought professionals with a proven track record in estate leadership, operational excellence, and a commitment to safety and sustainability.

The Results

After a careful selection process, we identified a standout candidate whose experience aligned perfectly with UCL's needs. With a background in leading large-scale property portfolios and a demonstrated ability to drive cultural change towards safety-first practices, the candidate brought a wealth of expertise to the role. Their track record of delivering exemplary campus experiences and their strategic vision for integrating services with academic departments resonated strongly with UCL's objectives.