Uncorking Success with Corney & Barrow Limited's Facility Management Triumph


Recently, we had the pleasure of partnering with Corney & Barrow Limited, renowned for its exceptional wine offerings and distinguished clientele, to fill the critical position of Facilities Assistant. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Corney & Barrow required a dedicated individual to uphold their standards and ensure the smooth functioning of their facilities.

The Challenge

Prior to our engagement, Corney & Barrow faced several challenges in managing their facilities effectively. The absence of a dedicated Facilities Assistant resulted in inconsistencies in mail handling, maintenance issues, and lapses in security protocols. Moreover, with a diverse range of responsibilities encompassing postal services, maintenance, security, and health and safety, finding a candidate with the right skill set posed a significant challenge.

The Results

Drawing upon our extensive network and expertise in facilities management recruitment, Maxwell Stephens identified a candidate whose qualifications and experience aligned perfectly with Corney & Barrow's requirements. With a background in postal services, packaging, and basic maintenance skills, the selected candidate demonstrated the versatility and capability necessary to excel in the role.

"We are extremely pleased with Maxwell Stephens' expertise in filling the Facilities Assistant role at Corney & Barrow Limited. Their attention to detail and commitment to finding the perfect fit were instrumental in our recruitment process. The candidate they provided has become an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring the smooth functioning of our facilities and services. We highly recommend Maxwell Stephens to any organisation seeking top-tier facilities management recruitment services." - Buildings/Property Manager, Corney & Barrow Limited.