Facilities Manager Recruitment for United Reformed Church


Maxwell Stephens successfully placed a Facilities Manager role with the United Reformed Church (URC) at Church House, 86 Tavistock Place, London. Church House serves as the central administrative office for URC and houses around 60 staff members. It also provides meeting rooms for both internal and external use, with a portion of the space leased out to commercial and residential tenants.

The Challenge

The Facilities Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer and oversees a team comprising a Caretaker, Cleaners, and a Receptionist. The role involves managing the appearance, facilities, services, maintenance, and safety of Church House while ensuring compliance with all regulations. Additionally, the Facilities Manager coordinates with tenants, manages third-party facilities management, and collaborates with various committees and groups within the organization.

Prior to the placement, the URC faced challenges in effectively managing the facilities at Church House. The need for a dedicated Facilities Manager arose due to the diverse requirements of the building, including meeting the needs of both commercial and residential tenants, ensuring health and safety compliance, and optimising the use of space for various activities.

The Solution

Maxwell Stephens meticulously assessed the needs of URC and identified a highly qualified candidate with extensive experience in facilities management. The selected candidate demonstrated proficiency in line management, building services and maintenance, safety and security management, letting management, environmental initiatives, hospitality, and working with committees and volunteers.


Upon the successful placement of the Facilities Manager, URC experienced several positive outcomes:

1. Enhanced Building Management: The Facilities Manager efficiently oversees building services, maintenance, safety, and security, ensuring a safe and functional environment for staff and visitors.

2. Improved Tenant Relations: The Facilities Manager effectively manages relationships with commercial and residential tenants, addressing their needs promptly and ensuring a high level of tenant satisfaction.

3. Streamlined Operations: With a dedicated Facilities Manager in place, URC experiences streamlined operations, better coordination of services, and optimized facility utilization.

4. Compliance and Sustainability: The Facilities Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulations, implementing environmental initiatives, and working towards the organization's aspiration of becoming net zero by 2030.

5. Stronger Committee Engagement: The Facilities Manager actively engages with various committees and groups, providing valuable insights on building and facilities matters and fostering constructive relationships.

Maxwell Stephens' successful placement of a Facilities Manager with the United Reformed Church has significantly contributed to the effective management of Church House. By addressing the diverse needs of the building and enhancing operational efficiency, the Facilities Manager plays a pivotal role in supporting URC's mission and objectives. This case study exemplifies Maxwell Stephens' commitment to connecting organisations with top-tier facilities management professionals to drive success and sustainability