Leading Sustainable Change: Recruiting the Head of Sustainability at University of London


We are pleased to present a case study on the successful recruitment of the Head of Sustainability for the University of London. This case highlights our strategic approach and commitment to matching exceptional talent with esteemed institutions to drive sustainable development and environmental excellence.

The Challenge

The University of London sought a visionary leader to spearhead its sustainability initiatives. The primary objectives for the Head of Sustainability included:

• Leading the development and implementation of the University's Sustainability Strategy.

• Championing the University's strategic goal of achieving zero operational carbon.

• Driving cultural and behavioural change towards sustainability across all university activities.

We conducted a thorough and targeted recruitment campaign to find the ideal candidate. Our approach included:

1. Detailed Job Analysis: Collaborated with the University of London to understand the specific requirements and expectations for the role.

2. Targeted Outreach: Leveraged our extensive network and databases to identify and approach potential candidates with the requisite experience and passion for sustainability.

3. Comprehensive Screening: Conducted rigorous interviews and assessments to evaluate candidates’ technical skills, leadership qualities, and cultural fit.

4. Client Interviews: Coordinated multiple rounds of interviews with the University’s key stakeholders to ensure alignment with their strategic goals and team dynamics.

5. Successful Placement: Facilitated a smooth onboarding process to integrate the new Head of Sustainability into the University’s Estates and Property Services department.

The Results

The University of London successfully appointed a highly qualified Head of Sustainability who is now leading the institution’s efforts towards achieving its zero operational carbon target. The new hire has already initiated several key projects, demonstrating strong leadership and driving positive change across the university.