Masterminding Maintenance: A Case Study in Elite Recruitment for the University of London


We recently completed the recruitment process for the position of Head of Building Services at the University of London. This case study details the job's critical aspects, the challenges involved, and our effective strategy in sourcing and placing the ideal candidate.

The Challenge

The Head of Building Services oversees engineering maintenance, energy management, sustainability, and project services across the University of London's extensive campus. Reporting to the Director of Facilities Management, the role ensures optimal building operations and efficiency in line with industry standards.

The role involves a diverse range of responsibilities including technical appraisals, energy reduction projects, technological evaluation, project management, compliance reporting, and mechanical & electrical advice provision. It also requires close collaboration with internal departments and stakeholders to maintain high-quality facilities.

The ideal candidate needed substantial project and contract management experience in a complex technical environment, understanding of the energy market, and proficiency in engineering developments. Crucially, they were required to demonstrate effective stakeholder management, leadership in ambiguous environments, and expertise in maintenance planning and procurement.

The position demanded a deep understanding of multi-site engineering and maintenance operations, alongside the ability to manage significant budgets and deliver value for money across various projects.

We engaged in detailed discussions with key stakeholders at the University of London to fully grasp the role's requirements and organisational expectations. Leveraging our extensive network and advanced recruitment techniques, we identified candidates with proven expertise in complex project management and technical operations.

Candidates underwent a rigorous screening process, encompassing technical assessments, behavioral interviews, and reference checks to ensure alignment with both essential and desirable criteria outlined by the University.

The Results

Following thorough evaluation, we successfully placed a candidate who exceeded expectations. The selected Head of Building Services brought extensive experience in managing multi-site engineering operations, demonstrated exceptional leadership under pressure, and possessed the technical acumen to drive sustainability and efficiency initiatives effectively.

We take pride in facilitating the recruitment of the Head of Building Services at the University of London, ensuring a seamless fit between candidate capabilities and organisational needs. Our strategic approach and commitment to excellence in facilities management recruitment continue to support the University in achieving its operational and sustainability goals.