Finding a Facilities Manager to Play a Key Role in the FM Function of Usborne Publishing


Maxwell Stephens, a renowned facilities management recruitment specialist, was approached by Usborne Publishing in January 2023 to assist in the recruitment of a Facilities Manager for their headquarters in London. Usborne Publishing is a leading children's book publisher with a staff population of 290 spread across various locations including London, Eynsham (Oxfordshire), and Wolverhampton.

The Challenge

Usborne Publishing were in need of a talented and dedicated Facilities Manager to oversee and manage all building-related activities at their headquarters in Saffron Hill, Farringdon, while also providing support to regional offices in Eynsham and Wolverhampton. The ideal candidate would ensure the safety, functionality, and comfort of the facilities for staff and visitors. Understanding the unique requirements of Usborne Publishing, Maxwell Stephens initiated a targeted recruitment campaign to identify candidates with extensive experience in facilities management, particularly within multi-site environments. Leveraging their vast network and expertise in the field, Maxwell Stephens meticulously screened potential candidates to ensure they possessed the necessary skills and qualifications to excel in the role.

The Results

After an exhaustive search and rigorous selection process, Maxwell Stephens presented Usborne Publishing with a shortlist of highly qualified candidates. Each candidate demonstrated a strong understanding of health and safety regulations, excellent communication and negotiation skills, and a proven track record in facilities management.

Ultimately, Maxwell Stephens successfully placed a Facilities Manager who not only met but exceeded Usborne Publishing's expectations. The chosen candidate brought to the table a wealth of experience in managing facilities across multiple locations, a comprehensive understanding of health and safety protocols, and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

With the appointment of the Facilities Manager facilitated by Maxwell Stephens, Usborne Publishing can now rest assured that their facilities are in capable hands. The new Facilities Manager is responsible for ensuring that all premises are maintained to the highest standards, managing third-party relationships, and overseeing the implementation of health and safety measures. This appointment has not only enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of facility management operations but has also contributed to a safer and more comfortable working environment for Usborne Publishing's staff.