Transforming Under the Flyover: How We Engineered Success for Westway Trust


Westway Trust, a charity dedicated to enriching the 23 acres of space under the Westway flyover in Portobello, West London, sought to elevate its facilities management by recruiting a skilled Technical Services and Estates Manager. This role was critical to supporting the Trust’s mission of enhancing the local environment for residents, businesses, and visitors. The new manager needed to bring expertise in managing both hard and soft services, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, and leading the Property Management and Facilities Management teams.

The Challenge

Westway Trust required a Technical Services and Estates Manager capable of handling a wide range of responsibilities, including:

• Leading operational technical services.

• Managing markets and ensuring statutory compliance.

• Providing health and safety guidance and serving as the Trust’s Health & Safety Officer.

• Ensuring maintenance services met contractual and statutory requirements.

• Offering technical guidance on M&E and building fabric maintenance work.

• Overseeing risk assessments, method statements, and compliance with CDM regulations.

• Developing forward maintenance registers and pre-planned maintenance programs.

The role demanded someone with a strong technical background, excellent people management skills, and a proactive attitude to drive performance and service improvement.

The Results

Under our guidance, Westway Trust successfully appointed a highly qualified Technical Services and Estates Manager on a 12-month fixed-term contract with a salary range of £42,000-45,000. Key achievements of the new manager included:

• Operational Excellence: The manager effectively led all operational technical service matters, ensuring that the markets and estate were managed in compliance with statutory requirements and Trust standards.

• Health and Safety Leadership: Serving as the Health & Safety Officer, the manager developed and implemented comprehensive health and safety plans, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and practices.

• Maintenance Optimisation: By developing a forward maintenance register and pre-planned maintenance program, the manager ensured efficient and budget-conscious delivery of maintenance services.

• Contractor Management: The manager oversaw contract tenders and managed contractor relationships, ensuring high-quality service delivery and compliance with KPIs.

• Technical Guidance: Providing expert advice on M&E and building fabric maintenance, the manager supported the Property Management and FM teams, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

• Community Impact: The new manager’s efforts contributed to Westway Trust’s vision of creating a vibrant and thriving environment, benefiting the local community and attracting more visitors to the estate.