Mastering Facility Harmony: Willis Towers Watson’s Leap to Operational Brilliance


Willis Towers Watson, a global advisory, broking, and solutions company, sought to optimize their workplace environment, processes, and services to better support their colleagues in meeting client demands and achieving organizational objectives. The Real Estate & Workplace Solutions (RE&WS) function required a Facilities Services Manager to focus on executing the Workplace & Solutions Strategy, managing FM hard and soft services, tenant relationships, and project management. The role also entailed ensuring consistent service delivery standards and adherence to KPI and SLA benchmarks.

The Challenge

Willis Towers Watson needed a Facilities Services Manager capable of overseeing a wide array of responsibilities, including:

• Client Hospitality & Events

• Staff Dining Catering & Vending

• Overnight Accommodation Operations

• Facilities Help Desk / Meeting Room Booking System

• Reception / Concierge / Front of House Operations

• Post Room / Print Room

• Security

• Cleaning / Waste Management / Recycling

• Office Gym

• Office Moves

The ideal candidate had to have substantial experience in a similar FM role, possess excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, and demonstrate proficiency in managing budgets and financial planning. Additionally, the role required someone who could manage health & safety and environmental issues, support people management activities, and develop effective communication channels with key stakeholders.

We undertook a thorough search to identify a candidate who not only met the technical and experiential requirements but also aligned with Willis Towers Watson's core values of integrity, innovation, excellence, teamwork, client-centricity, and drive for change.

The Results

We successfully placed a highly skilled Facilities Services Manager who brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. The selected candidate:

• Demonstrated solid supervisory skills, effectively managing the Security & Facilities team.

• Showed strong knowledge of health & safety regulations and best practices.

• Exhibited excellent financial management skills, ensuring service delivery within budget constraints.

• Developed new cost-effective methods and improved service levels while maintaining high standards.

The new Facilities Services Manager seamlessly integrated into the RE&WS team, driving operational efficiency and supporting Willis Towers Watson's strategic goals. Their proactive approach and ability to adapt to a fast-paced, dynamic environment contributed significantly to the company's ongoing success in providing a safe and secure working environment for all colleagues.