Pioneering Efficiency: Our Breakthrough in Recruiting a Facilities Office Manager for XTX Markets


We were tasked by XTX Markets, a global boutique financial services firm, to recruit a permanent Facilities Office Manager. This key role required an adaptable and experienced leader to manage day-to-day operations and the physical office environment in their Central London office. Responsibilities included overseeing office support services for internal and external customers and maintaining vital vendor and engineer relationships.

The Challenge

Finding the ideal candidate for XTX Markets posed several challenges. The role demanded:

• Extensive Experience: The candidate needed 5-10 years of proactive facility or office management experience, ideally in an international environment.

• Technical Expertise: A deep understanding of office infrastructure (power, ventilation, plumbing, AC) and the procedures needed to ensure maximum uptime.

• Qualifications: The candidate had to be qualified to Level 4 BIFM.

• Versatility: Ability to manage multiple overlapping priorities, lead space planning, move coordination, and maintain hardware.

• Leadership and Compliance: Managing front of house teams, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, and acting as the First Aider and Fire Warden.

• Vendor Management: Leading contract negotiations, ensuring service levels, and managing budgetary, cost, and risk considerations.

The role also required the candidate to embody XTX Markets' defined culture and core values, managing services to align with the company's standards and guidelines.

The Results

We executed a comprehensive recruitment strategy, leading to the successful appointment of a highly qualified Facilities Office Manager for XTX Markets. The results were significant:

• Improved Operational Efficiency: The new manager efficiently handled the planning and operational aspects of facilities maintenance, health and safety, and food service.

• Effective Space Management: Successfully led space planning and move coordination, adapting to the company's growth and internal reorganisation.

• Enhanced Vendor Relations: Conducted effective contract negotiations, ensuring agreed service levels, and maintaining open channels for feedback.

• Compliance and Safety: Ensured compliance with health and safety regulations, acting as the First Aider and Fire Warden.

• Upholding Core Values: Managed services in alignment with XTX Markets’ core values and culture, ensuring a high standard of service delivery.

The collaborative effort between ourselves and XTX Markets resulted in the recruitment of a Facilities Office Manager who not only met but exceeded the demanding requirements of the role. This strategic hire contributed to the smooth operation and continued success of XTX Markets.