Orchestrating Seamless Operations: YouGov's Triumph in Facilities and Office Assistant Recruitment


YouGov, a leading global research and data analytics firm, operates from its vibrant headquarters located at 50 Featherstone St, London EC1Y 8RT. As a company renowned for its innovative approach to understanding the world, YouGov requires a dynamic and organised support system to ensure its operations run seamlessly.

YouGov sought a Facilities and Office Assistant to bolster its front-of-house services and maintain the pristine functionality of its reception and office areas. With a commitment to delivering an unparalleled workplace experience for both staff and visitors, YouGov entrusted us to find an individual who embodied energy, organisation, and a customer-centric approach.

The Challenge

The role demanded not only exceptional customer service skills but also a proactive attitude towards maintaining office facilities. Additionally, the candidate needed to exhibit versatility in handling various tasks, from greeting visitors to managing office supplies and supporting event coordination.

Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in facilities management recruitment, we meticulously sourced candidates who aligned with YouGov's requirements. After a rigorous selection process, they identified a standout candidate equipped with the requisite experience and demeanor to excel in the role.

The Results

We presented YouGov with a candidate possessing a proven track record in receptionist and customer service roles across diverse industries. Their hands-on experience with office equipment and proficiency in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and Word, ensured they could seamlessly navigate the demands of the position. Moreover, their engaging personality and proactive approach to problem-solving resonated with YouGov's ethos of fostering a collaborative and dynamic workplace culture.

The appointed Facilities and Office Assistant seamlessly integrated into YouGov's operations, swiftly becoming an indispensable asset to the facilities team. Their commitment to excellence was evident in their daily office walks, ensuring meeting rooms, kitchens, and communal areas remained impeccable. By diligently monitoring supplies and providing essential support during business and social events, they contributed to enhancing the overall employee experience at YouGov.