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If you are considering becoming an interim worker, you will need to know what you should expect for a suitable day rate. Professionals who work on an interim basis are typically paid through their own limited company or via an umbrella company.

In typical interim employment situations, an individual will actually work a maximum of 220 days a year and for clarity will only actually be paid for those days they work; therefore they are not entitled to holiday or sick pay or other benefit entitlement.

Our calculations are based on a formula that is widely used within Interim Management. The calculation is based on annual salary plus 30% (to cover the additional benefits a professional interim manager wouldn’t receive) divided by 220 (which is a classic number of days worked taking into account holidays and 'down time' between the different assignments).

At Maxwell Stephens Recruitment, we work on the whole range of employment opportunities, including interim positions. If you'd like to discuss your interim career, or you are an employer looking to hire the best interim talent, please contact us.


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