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15th, August 2018
wealth disparity

Wealth Disparity – Is London leaving the rest of the country behind?

The distribution of wealth is becoming an increasingly hot topic in global politics. The growing disparity between the rich and the poor is clearly apparent around the world, and the UK is no exception. According to data compiled by Eurostat, the data agency of the European Union, the gap between the richest and poorest of […]

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8th, August 2018
water conservation

Turning up the heat – Water conservation strategies in FM

The recent bouts of summer sun may have seen an increase in beer garden visits and lobster-red suntans, but the heatwaves flaring up across the globe highlight the potential threat of water shortages in the near future. Although this may not be a top priority for Facilities Management professionals now, increasing demands on water supplies, […]

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26th, July 2018

What’s in a name?

Naming, and the closely related branding, forms part of the bedrock of marketing strategy. There’s a lot of science to both and a huge amount of reference material on good and bad experiences. But in the end, you make your decision, unveil your work and pray for the best. BIFM’s name-change programme, confirmed last week, […]

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26th, July 2018
business attire

Where have all the ties gone?

As Facilities Management recruitment specialists, we spend a lot of our time meeting with professionals across all industries and working environments. Although turning up to work suited and booted every day may not be appropriate for many FM professionals, we have noticed that in many organisations, smart-casual business attire is becoming the norm. This got […]

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19th, July 2018
facilities manager

Would Gareth Southgate make a good Facilities Manager?

It may not be coming home, but English football has certainly received quite a boost following the more than respectable performance of the England team (we’ll forget about the second half against Croatia). A lot of England’s success can be attributed to the management skills of a certain Mr Southgate. This got the team at […]

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5th, July 2018

A spotlight on… Jason Gurd, Director and Lead Consultant, Cognitive FM

As specialist Facilities Management recruiters, we spend a lot of our time talking to the best and brightest in the industry. In such a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector, keeping up-to-date with the challenges, developments and opportunities in FM is more important than ever. With this in mind, Maxwell Stephens are introducing a series of […]

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22nd, June 2018

Facilities Show 2018

The team at Maxwell Stephens had the pleasure of attending this year’s Facilities Show at the ExCel London on Thursday 21st June. With numerous industry exhibitors, keynote speakers and discussion panels there was loads of great stuff to digest. Here are some of our key thoughts from the day:   FMs of the future – […]

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13th, June 2018
FM Quiz

You call yourself a Facilities Manager? Take the FM Acronym Quiz!

Test your knowledge of FM by taking the quiz below and see how many of these acronyms you can get in 4 minutes! See if you can beat the Maxwell Stephens’ team score of 18 out of 20. 

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6th, June 2018

Recruiting a Facilities Manager? 5 reasons why you should use a recruitment agency.

Need to recruit a Facilities Manager and don’t know where to start? There are a number of reasons why recruiting a high calibre Facilities Manager in-house may be an insurmountable task.     Knowledge and experience The sheer variety roles, responsibilities and experiences that candidates are exposed to in this industry means that there is […]

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