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12th, December 2019

Getting into the Christmas Spirit – Office Winter Wonderlands

Getting into the Christmas Spirit – Office Winter Wonderlands! The office can be a dreary place (depending on where you work), and Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to inject some life into the workplace and turn it into a tinsel-covered winter wonderland! At Maxwell Stephens we love to get into the Christmas spirit in the office […]

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28th, November 2019
Maxwell Stephens Charity

On your marks. Get set. Go!

We are hugely proud of our very own Michael Bleasby who is currently undertaking the daunting task of running across the whole of the Gambia in 10 days (that’s the equivalent of a marathon a day!) We are privileged to be involved with this amazing charitable project and we wish Michael all the best, watch […]

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14th, November 2019
FM in Healthcare

FMs in Healthcare: What skills are required for this challenging sector?

Peter Forshaw, Managing Director of Maxwell Stephens, recently spoke with Facilitate magazine to discuss Facilities Management in the Healthcare sector, particularly what skills are required for this industry and how transferable these can be: What skills should healthcare FMs be focusing on to thrive in the sector? How fluid is this focus? We are all […]

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30th, October 2019

Workplace horror stories: workers share some of their worst workplace experiences.

Halloween is upon us, and who doesn’t like a good scare every now and again. We at Maxwell Stephens love a good scary story, but being specialist recruiters, we decided that instead of the same old ghost stories we’d look for some horror stories from the world of work. Bosses from hell, bat invasions, accidentally […]

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24th, October 2019
Pattenmakers Young Manager Award

Recognising Young Talent in FM: Pattenmakers Young Manager Award 2020

One of the key developing trends we have seen within the FM workforce in recent decades is the increase in young professionals joining the sector. Discussing this topic with Facilitate Magazine several months ago Peter Forshaw, Managing Director at Maxwell Stephens Recruitment, highlighted a number of factors which has attributed to this demographic trend within […]

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17th, October 2019

Horses for courses: FM Insights from Elliott Chase

Choice is a wonderful thing. Maybe not so much in the 57-varieties American-inspired overload that quickly becomes baffling. But more in the sense of having a few clear options, one of which should lead to satisfaction. That’s almost the case with facilities management. Fundamentally, there’s a solid range of options. But that doesn’t stop FM […]

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2nd, October 2019

The 10 in 10 Gambia Challenge

The 10 in 10 Gambia Challenge Maxwell Stephens are thrilled to be sponsoring this amazing charitable event, raising money for some incredible causes both here in the UK and in The Gambia. Donate What is the 10 in 10 Challenge? One of our very own recruitment consultants, Michael Bleasby, brought our attention to an amazing […]

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20th, September 2019
managing micromanagement

Managing Micromanagement: Advice for Employees and Employers

Managing Micromanagement: Advice for Employers and Employees Micromanagement can have quite a significant impact on the working environment, in particular anxiety levels of employees and employers alike. Micromanaging be a very difficult habit to break out of, and in fact you may not even recognise your behaviour as micromanagement, instead labelling it as being a […]

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4th, September 2019
insourcing in facilities management

The Insourcing Revolution and Implications for the FM industry

The FM industry has always been turbulent, yet the past several years has been particularly volatile. Socioeconomic and political influences have shaken up the market, with a number of a major players either having to overhaul their operations, or withdrawing from the industry completely (e.g. the likes of Carillion, Interserve and more recently the Kier […]

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