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18th, April 2018

Interview Techniques – What Not to Say

So, you’ve got to the all-important interview stage. Your opportunity to impress with your eloquence, positivity and superior communication skills. Either that or an ideal opportunity to place your foot squarely in your mouth! The pressure of an interview scenario, coupled with your pre-interview nerves and anticipation can very easily cause you to say something […]

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5th, April 2018
public speaking

Don’t let a fear of public speaking hold you back.

It is estimated that over 75% of people have Glossophobia (a fear of public speaking to you and me) to varying degrees. The idea of speaking in front of an audience fills many people with abject horror, and in some cases can be completely debilitating. There is also considerable research to suggest that this fear […]

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14th, March 2018
recruitment agency

How to Successfully Hire Using a Recruitment Agency

Using a recruitment agency is a tried and tested way to ensure you secure the best candidate for an advertised job post. Of course, you know your business and employees best, but a professional recruiter will be able to use their experience to match you up with candidates you may never have come across on […]

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26th, February 2018
more connections

More connections, more possibilities

Every business has its own set of Crown Jewels. They’re usually a collection of things – an asset, a database, a sales team, a patent – that gives a firm a strong competitive advantage over every other company. With us, it’s: the strong network and database of experienced, talented FM professionals which we add to […]

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21st, February 2018

Staying Optimistic during your search for a job

Let’s face it, job searching is difficult. It’s draining both emotionally and physically, and you can sometimes feel like for every door that opens, another slams in your face. However, staying optimistic during your job searching period makes a difference. Here’s how to do it.   Keep on top of your mental health One of […]

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9th, February 2018

What is “Candidate Experience” worth in the digital age?

Looking at the world today, it is most definitely an entirely different landscape to that of twenty years ago. Millennials have been immersed in technology their entire lives and, with Gen Z growing up too, it would be safe to say the world will only continue to become more and more digitally minded over the […]

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1st, February 2018

Will we be all fishing half-eaten, mouldy sandwiches out of bins at the back of Greggs by Christmas?

Several weeks ago, we asked “Will the FM job market really die by Christmas?” It was following the spectacular collapse of FM-and-outsourcing giant Carillion plc. As I’m sure you’re aware, Carillion provided FM to 150,000 properties in the UK, Canada, and the Middle East. News broke that competitor Capita is also going through tough times […]

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31st, January 2018
Agile working

Agile Working within FM

Scrum, product backlog, sprint….. These are all terms from Agile Project Methodology. If you are hearing them for the first time they are undoubtedly slightly alien. However many organisations are embracing Agile, and for many Facilities Managers who are involved in both tech and non tech projects, they will need to get up to speed […]

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17th, January 2018
FM job market

Will The FM job market really die by Christmas?

With the latest news about Carillion plc (which provides FM to 150,000 properties in the UK, Canada, and the Middle East) coupled with the latest gloomy Brexit forecasts from economists, it’s not surprising there’s a lot of pessimism about the future at the moment – not just for the FM job market, but generally. It’s […]

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