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18th, May 2017

World FM day – Why FM is great!

World FM day was on Wednesday 17th May. The BIFM, along with other FM associations around the world, use today to highlight the increasing importance of facilities management as a profession. The stated goal for World FM day is to promote the ideals of facilities management to the profession itself, industry as a whole, the […]

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11th, May 2017
Work superstar

Are you a closet work superstar?

Do you ever sit at your desk, staring into space, wondering what your boss, colleagues, and other stakeholders really think of you? In most British organisations, feedback is not often particularly forthcoming, and when it is, you can be fairly certain that it will be shrouded in diplomacy. To compensate, most organisations have a yearly […]

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5th, May 2017
Facilities Management Recruitment

Interview stories: 20 real life examples of what not to do…

We all know that interviews can be stressful, and sometimes stress can make us do or say strange things. At Maxwell Stephens we work in close partnership with our candidates to identify key strengths, skills and areas of expertise, career goals and we provide expert guidance on interview preparation. The following real job interview anecdotes […]

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13th, April 2017
corporate social responsibility CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility, Reporting it, and the Facilities Manager

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the latest name of a business philosophy that’s been around for the last 50 years or so. It’s about where a corporation or business sits within the wider picture – socially, environmentally, charitable, and so on. Company CSR’s in action will see staff members released from daily duties to help […]

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13th, April 2017
Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Personal Protective Equipment: Changes FM Managers Need to Be Aware Of

For the first time in 20 years, the laws regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing are changing. They’re being changed at a European level and despite the fact that we recently triggered Article 50 taking us out of the EU, the new regulations will become law in the UK in just over one year’s time, […]

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12th, April 2017
vetting a recruiter candidate shaking hand with recruiter

Vetting a Recruiter: 7 Questions You Need to Ask

Not all recruiters were created equal. Some may be more suitable than others to find the perfect job for you. Certain experiences, relationships and accreditations may be exactly what you need to land your dream job. So, what are the questions you must ask when vetting a recruiter to see if they’re right for you? Are […]

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7th, April 2017
crisis management

Crisis Management: Managing the Unmanageable

On Wednesday 21st March 2017, Khalid Masood carried out a devastating terror attack in Westminster, London. Five people died, more than 50 were injured, and London came to a near standstill as the police put transport links on lockdown. Some 12 years earlier London was rocked by the London bombings that took 52 lives and injured […]

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6th, April 2017
Learning Trends for 2017 gamification

Learning Trends for 2017 – What’s New?

How many training courses have you been on that took days of your time, had such an abundance of content that you could not possibly hope to remember everything, and then when you finally get back to your desk the torrent of emails you have received are enough to wish you had not bothered in […]

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5th, April 2017
Taxation and finance concept, forms, UK tax form in close-up for state pension

The State Pension: Will I Still Be Working At 70?

Two recent government reports have outlined the possibility of raising the age of eligibility for the state pension. In basic terms, that means millions of people may have to work for longer before they have a hope of retiring if they are reliant on a state pension. Analysis by the Department for Work and Pensions […]

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