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What a 2016! Bring on 2017!

We’re in the final month of what has been possibly the most dramatic year for world events since the fall of Communism back in 1989.


There’s been Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the referendum loss by the Italian government. Politically and economically, 2017 looks like it’s going to be another rollercoaster as well.


None of that seems to have had a major effect on facilities management in the UK – yet. And when we do see the consequences, they may be good, they may be bad. At Maxwell Stephens, we’re eternal optimists so we’re going to press on through 2017 like it’s going to be another bumper year for us and for you, our valued employers.

Now there’s the matter of rounding up your recruitment at the end of 2016.


Looking to fill roles in Q1 2017? We’re here waiting to help


It’s only early December still but already our massive, market-leading database of FM professionals is being updated furiously by its users, your future staff. We generally see a lot of job movement in February and March – lots of FM people finding new roles they want to fill.

What’s your recruitment calendar looking like for Q1 2017? Do you already know who you’ll be needing to hire in the first part of next year? If that sounds like you, our strong advice is to get in touch with one of the experts here at Maxwell Stephens now.


Give us as many potential positions as you can. It doesn’t have to be complete yet. We understand that some of the roles you think you’ll need to fill will not need filling after all. That’s no problem – we’re your recruitment partner and we know that your department’s needs will change.


What to do


The first thing to do is contact the team here today. You can call us on 0207 118 48 48 or email us at


Working together, we’ll build up a proper description of the role(s). You tell us what the candidate needs to do in their new position. We’ll make in-depth, proper notes about the job(s) so that the advert(s) and description(s) we produce are absolutely what you want.


After that, two things happen. First, we send over the detailed job description to our professional copy writers. The effect they have on the quality and quantity of candidates applying for the post is amazing. They really sell the job and your company.


The big reason why we use such outside, expert help on something as straightforward as a job advert is that we want the FM professionals reading it to feel excitement about the position and about joining your company. This part of our process works so well.


The second thing we do is go through our enormous, curated and honed database of FM professionals looking for as close as exact match as possible to your role. When clients visit us and ask us to view the database (albeit a modified and anonymised version to conform with the Data Protection Act and our candidates’ privacy), they are astonished by its width in numbers and its depth in details.


Writing the best adverts in the industry and having the biggest, most-detailed candidate database in the sector gives us and you a truly tremendous head start.


There’s still time in 2016 to get your interviews and candidates lined up for January 2017. To start the process, call us on 0207 118 48 48 or email us at


Employment law changes coming in 2017


Compared with 2016, there’s minimal new legislation coming into force over the next 12 months.

In April, the new level for the National Living Wage will come into effect (£7.50 per hour, in case you’ve not heard) followed by the new, as-yet-unknown rate of the National Minimum Wage levels in October. Also in April, gender pay gap reporting regulations kick in for firms with 250 or more staff.


If your wage bill is greater than £3m, then the Apprenticeship Levy also comes into force from April. May sees the last staging date for pensions auto enrolment and September is the start of 30hr per week (term-time) worth of government-funded childcare for 3 and 4 year olds.


Have you downloaded your copy of Maxwell Stephens’ Facilities Management Employers’ Recruitment Guide 2017? This brilliant document covers everything to do with FM professional employment throughout next year, including predictions of how the recruitment market will change in 2017. There’s some really brilliant information in there and we’ve been delighted with employers’ feedback so far.


Please do download this exciting, easy-to-read and completely FM-focused document. Just email us on to receive your free copy.

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