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2019: Glass half empty? The glass is full at Maxwell Stephens.

If the media is to be believed, 2019 could be a very challenging year for the UK. With the ever-present threat of Brexit on the near horizon, it seems the nation is gripped by uncertainty of what the future will bring. This uncertainty seems to have infected areas of the job market too. According to the latest research from Morgan McKinley, the number of UK vacancies has “fallen off a cliff” as 2018 closed with the fewest job available since 2011. This pessimistic outlook may have spread to certain industries or recruiters, however we at Maxwell Stephens have a much more positive attitude towards our future.



We’re all DOOMED!


From an optimist’s point of view, one of our main sources of frustration has been what we perceive to be media sensationalism, scaremongering and in some cases outright manipulation. With phrases like “crash-out” and “cliff-edge” littering the press, it’s not hard to see how this Brexit frenzy has flourished. We’re not saying that everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows post-brexit, but we have to be aware of the motivations behind the media messages. These are commercial entities – they are in the business of selling news, and a bit of sensationalism is certainly good for business.



Expanding our horizons.


Something Maxwell Stephens are particularly excited about is our continued expansion into international markets, spearheaded by one of our expert recruiters, Michael Bleasby. With recent recruitment campaigns across Europe including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania and Germany, our international exposure is on the rise. This not only provides a plethora of fantastic new opportunities, it puts us in a much stronger position to weather the potential Brexit storm.



Our glass is full.


Contrary to popular opinion, we at Maxwell Stephens actually think now is a fantastic time for recruitment, and considering the number of new vacancies available, our clients seem to agree. You may by unhappy in your career yet are too wary of economic and political uncertainty to make a move. Don’t be afraid. You can always find an excuse not to take a chance, but as the saying goes, you only regret the chances you didn’t take.


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