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Long before you get to the interview stage, you’re going to have to start thinking about how you could impress a potential employer. Your CV is a company’s first impression of you, meaning it absolutely must make a significant and positive impact.


1. Presentation is everything


We will get on to the content of your CV in a moment but it is important that you know how to properly present your information before you start.


Poorly laid out CVs and those with undecipherable fonts and distracting images will almost definitely be thrown to the bottom of the pile, so making your CV look the part is a vital step.

Hiring managers are extremely busy people, so make sure your CV is effective and to-the-point. Try to aim for one or two sides of A4 only, otherwise they may not get a chance to read it the whole way through.


The reader will also likely not be interested in the fact that you know CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. Your name should sit at the top of the document in title font in order to stand out.

Be sure to use a standard font such as Arial, Calibri or Helvetica, and make sure you don’t fall into the logo / images trap.


You want the reader’s eyes to glide easily through your CV, so avoid any large chunks of text and stick to concise bullet points wherever possible.


DON’T FORGET: Always – always – perform a spelling and grammar check on your CV before printing or sending it out to anyone. Have a friend read through your CV to make doubly sure the computer hasn’t missed anything.


2. Try “JBO” – Job Board Optimisation


You may not know this, but when you upload your CV to an online job board, it ends up in a massive database full of information containing the details of millions of other candidates. The only way an employer or recruiter will be able to find you is by using search terms that pull up any suitable CVs.


These search terms will usually be related to the specific skills and competencies required for the role. So, for a job in Facilities Management, it is always wise to include FM buzzwords in your CV, such as:


  • Health and Safety
  • Operations management
  • Buildings maintenance
  • Managing budgets
  • Engineering
  • Team management

These words and phrases will also help to capture the interest of those you send your CV to directly, proving that you have the capabilities they’re looking for.


It is also of the utmost importance that you avoid the old clichés like “team-player” and “people-person” in your CV – hiring managers can spot these generic lines from a mile away.


3. Perfect your profile


Your personal profile is your opportunity to sell yourself to the employer. You need to use this platform to explain why you are the best person for the job. Take the opportunity to clearly communicate your value to the employer and highlight your key skills and achievements.

With so much competition out there, you can’t afford to just assume the reader will see how your experience relates to the job they have on offer. For each job you apply for, always attach a cover letter to your CV detailing which of your key skills match up to those in the job specification to show your suitability for the role.


Make sure your statement also lays out how many years’ post-qualification experience you have in your role or, if you’re only recently qualified or new to the sector, what you hope to achieve in your career in FM.


4. Tell the truth


Everyone lies on their CV, don’t they? Most definitely not.


Lying on your CV is never a good idea as lies have a habit of coming out – especially when it comes to checking your background and references. Even if you get past this stage, it’ll quickly become apparent that you lied if you get the job and don’t know how to do something when you start!


5. Stay relevant


Before you send off a CV, skim through it to make sure all of the information you’ve included is relevant for the specific role you’re applying for. Tailor your CV for every application to ensure the employer sees everything they need to in clear focus without pointless facts and anecdotes muddying your message.


6. Work with a specialist FM recruitment firm


By using a recruitment company that specialises in Facilities Management, like Maxwell Stephens, you can ensure your CV will be seen by some of the top FM employers in the country.

We can help you to perfect your CV with our CV Review and Writing Service, click here for more information.


For further advice, please call us today on 0207 1184848 to speak to one of our expert advisors.

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