Maxwell Stephens

Champions Of Europe !



Last night, Sunday the 31st of July, Football truly came home. After 56 years of hurt, the nation once again lifted an international trophy in courtesy of this great English side.


Not only did they lift the entire nation and showcase to the world what women’s football really is about, they also made history. The game which was played achieved the greatest ever attendance for a euro match (both men and women’s). 


Thanks to a world-class finish from Ella Toone, England took the lead early in the second half. A loss of hope came in the 80th minute as Germany struck back with a goal to equalize. It was neck and neck going into the second half of extra time. The difference came in the 110th minute, Chloe Kelly took the lead for England, unleashing an almighty roar from the 87,192 sat in attendance.


The game finished at 2-1 to England, defeating the mighty Germans when it mattered. From minute one of the tournament our lionesses were on fire and they most certainly stayed alight during the entirety.

Following this outstanding result, hopefully there is a massive shift in attitudes and opinions on women’s football. This successful campaign is hoped to ‘turbo boost’ the number of females’ playing football. The FA are aiming to achieve an added 120,000 people. There is reason to believe this number may be exceeded with ease.


This team is more than an inspiration to young girls, they are a starlight, a great sense of hope. From back to front, the women were outstanding and will forever remain in history as they begin to shape the future.

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