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Insights into the Mind of a Facilities Manager: Understanding Their Interests and Priorities

As specialist facilities management recruiters, understanding the motivations and attitudes of FM professionals is a key factor in our ongoing success.  In this article, we will delve into the mind of a facilities manager and understand their interests and priorities.

Pride and Perfectionism

From our experience dealing with literally tens of thousands of FMs over the past 17 years, facilities management professionals take a lot of pride in their work. Facilities managers take their jobs very seriously (as they should) and are dedicated to maintaining and improving the operations of the organization they’re working in. Many people may not be fully aware of just how much of an impact FMs make to the success of an organisation and just how much they get involved with. This could include overseeing the delivery of services such as security, catering, cleaning, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. They may also ensure the maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds, ensuring that they are well-maintained and in good condition. The best FMs seem to take personal responsibility for all of this, and to say that they are perfectionists is a bit of an understatement – their sense of ownership and pride in their work means perfectionism is a necessity!

Bargain Hunters

Cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and sustainability are also areas of interest for facilities managers, increasingly so in recent years. They are responsible for developing and implementing strategies that reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, while also ensuring that the organization is following sustainable practices. This helps in reducing the organization’s carbon footprint and contributing to a better future for the environment. These responsibilities lend themselves nicely to an FMs natural frugality. Facilities professionals are very used to working within tighter and tighter budgets, so if there’s any possible way they can cut costs without compromising output, they will find it!

Safety Conscious

Facilities managers are renowned for prioritizing the safety and health of employees and visitors. They are responsible for ensuring that the work environment is safe and healthy for everyone, and that the necessary measures are in place to prevent accidents and illnesses. FMs see the risks where others do not, and this awareness radiates through all aspects of their work and they will never compromise. When they see these risks, they will put on their superhero cape and get straight to work removing it.

Forward Thinking

Facilities managers are a restless bunch. They don’t like to just sit back and maintain and they are constantly scanning the horizon for the latest advancements in the field to implement where appropriate. This isn’t to day they will constantly be adopting the latest technological fad in building management – they will scrutinize to the nth degree, assess, analyse, and implement only if it passes their stringent due diligence and high standards.  In an FMs mind, no matter how efficient and effective their function is, it can always be a little more effective and efficient. As we said before, perfectionists!


Gone are the days of the facilities department being locked away in the basement, only venturing out when something needs fixing. Facilities management overall has become a much more integrated and forward-facing function in all organisations, therefore facilities managers are interested in building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders such as suppliers, tenants, and regulatory authorities. They play a crucial role in building relationships and ensuring that everyone is working towards the common goal of maintaining the smooth functioning of the organization. This helps both the FM perform their duties as best as they can, but also ensures this pivotal role is as appreciated as it should be across the whole organisation.

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