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Next Steps After a Job Interview

You might have read similar articles to this that focus on what to do at the end of a job interview. However what about after you leave the room? Should you try and forget all about it, and wait in silence until you hopefully receive some feedback? The simple answer is no. I will let you into a secret, the best and most successful candidates are proactive after a job interview.


Call the recruiter


If you went for the role through a recruiter, they will usually arrange to speak to you after the interview to get feedback from you. This is an important thing to do as soon as possible while everything is fresh in your mind. The recruiter will use this information when they speak with the hiring manager. Also, if you have unfortunately forgotten to ask something during the interview, you can let the recruiter know as they might be able to follow this up on your behalf.


Internally debrief


Take some time to sit down and consider how you feel the interview went – what went well, and what not so well. Of course this is a one sided evaluation taking place in your head, but it is still incredibly useful for personal growth to assess where you think your strengths and weaknesses were. Make a note if possible and if and when you have further interviews you can return to the note and ensure you do extra prep on those gaps.


Send a note of thanks


This one is not always applicable. If a recruiter is managing the process then it would not be appropriate for you to go ahead and contact the firm directly. However, if you have had a direct interview, you may want to send a brief note to thank the individuals that interviewed you for their time and to offer them the opportunity to call or email you if they have any further questions.


Don’t stop looking


You may have felt that the interview went really well and are expecting to proceed in the process, or be offered the role. However it is impossible to second guess the decision that will be made. Keep your options open and continue your search. Besides, if you secure another offer, you may be able to use that as leverage for an increased salary.


In Summary


We don’t often talk or read much about what to do after an interview has taken place. However there are some great tips to make you more successful in future interviews, potentially secure the role you went for, and even gain some extra commercial leverage. 


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