Maxwell Stephens

A Facilities Manager Job Profile – Maxwell Stephens

Over the years Maxwell Stephens have discovered that a Facilities Manager is essential to any organisation operating from within a large building. Facilities managers are expected to manage the services and processes supporting the inner function of an organisation. Responsibilities vary, but generally facilities managers focus on utilising best business practices to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase work productivity. Overall they ensure that essential equipment, company resources and the general infrastructure of a company is properly maintained.

Roles within this profession can be extremely varied, they can include:

  • Procurement management
  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Cleaning management
  • Catering and vending
  • Ensuring the health and safety of employees
  • Utilities and communications management
  • Space management

Typical daily tasks may involve:

  • Preparing documents and tenders for contractors
  • Budget preparation
  • Coordinating and supervising the work of contractors
  • Investigating the suitability and availability of new premises
  • Calculating the cost effectiveness of necessary goods and services
  • Development of strategic business objectives
  • Planning for future business growth

In order to be successful within this a role a Facilities Manager requires excellent oral and written communications skills. They must be good at problem solving, negotiation and leadership as well as having exceptional planning and customer service skills. Typically a Facilities Manager will pursue professional qualifications at the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) such as their level 5 award which is aimed at middle/senior management who have considerable experience within the industry and have a greater degree of responsibility. A HND in Facilities Management (or other related subjects such as business management) is also useful, as well as an IOSH in Managing Safely which many companies now specifically ask for before taking on anyone in this position.

To reach more senior level positions managers are required to have expertise in business strategy, budget and cost control, and people/relationship management. These skills are essential in helping facilities managers become competent senior professionals. Additional qualifications such as a MSc or Postgraduate Diploma in Facilities Management, as well as a NEBOSH would be useful to help develop these skills and achieve more senior positions within the sector.