Facilities Manager (Legal Firm)

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  • Job Reference: PR/000114
  • Job Title: Facilities Manager (Legal Firm)
  • Location: City of London
  • Basic Salary Range: Up to £37,000 Per Annum + Package
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Posted 5 years ago
  • This position has been filled

This is a brilliant opportunity to work for the one of the UK’s leading provider of support services to the City of London within a prestigious Law Firm.

Our client has trusted leading Facilities Management recruitment firm, Maxwell Stephens, to find an experienced and ambitious Facilities Manager for this opening in Central London.

Covering several buildings and several hundred-client staff, this role is based exclusively on site. Overseeing both hard and soft FM for the client, you will also be a part of the top outsourcing company in the country. With a passion for motivating and engaging their employees, our client believes in recognising and rewarding staff for their contribution to the company.

They aim to help each of their employees to reach their full potential, and to feel happy and supported throughout their career.

The right person for the team

You’re ambitious, forward-thinking, and determined to deliver an amazing service. You love to leave a lasting impression, so you persistently exceed your own goals and expectations. Our client will really appreciate your passion and commitment.

With your strong organisational skills and attention to detail, you’re always on top of the situation. You continuously adapt your plans and actions; always tackling challenges in an efficient and effective way.

Working in a team is where you shine. Your experience in managing others within a complex environment is crucial to our client; the team need your outstanding communication and leadership skills to thrive. Exceptional personal presentation skills, and the ability to communicate with people on all levels, make you the ideal team leader for this role.

Over five years of experience in Facilities Management make you a skilled hand in the industry. You have all the relevant health and safety qualifications. You know how to keep your team working to their full potential. Your exemplary customer service skills, as well as your extensive knowledge in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, will be used daily in this diverse and challenging role.

What you’ll be doing

As the Facilities Manager, you will join an enthused and determined team of staff. You’ll be managing seven Facilities Assistants; overseeing all aspects of their performance, and helping them improve. By effectively co-ordinating your team’s workflow, you will help them resolve over 1,200 facilities tasks per month – making you an indispensable asset to the company.

With your team, you will ensure all SLAs are met throughout the service. You will also be responsible for a range of mechanical and electrical contractors, as well as managing the full time on-site Maintenance Contractor Sorrel. Your efficiency will result the timely and effective delivery of services to the client.

Your world-class customer service will regularly be called into play. You will work closely with our client, building a strong and proactive business relationship. You will participate as an active member of the Business Continuity Planning Committee, and will also be responsible for managing relationships, service charges, and maintenance programmes with landlords.

The client will require your assistance and commitment to develop an on-going and practical environmental strategy to minimise the company’s carbon footprint, and ensure energy efficiency. You will be asked to compile monthly reports for both the client, and your outsourcing provider; working closely with both to maximise the service.

A large part of your responsibility will be in maintaining the health and safety of all our client’s employees. As the Head of the Health and Safety (H&S) Committee, you’ll keep all policies and signage up to date, as well as organising and monitoring all Health and Safety training, such as First Aid and Fire Warden training. Working closely with the health and safety consultant, you will help to ensure the client and your provider stays fully compliant of new legislation.

Keeping the employees safe to work will be down to you, as you manage a programme of regular Health and Safety building checks. Managing incident reports, accident investigations and near-miss reporting to RIDDOR as required, you will ensure this vital company responsibility runs without complication.

You will also have the extremely vital task of ensuring that risk assessments are kept up to date. Working with the Maintenance Contractor, you will oversee the Risk Register process, and ensure contractors have the correct risk assessments, method statements, insurances and permits to work.

Ensuring fire drills and fire evacuations take place to schedule is crucial to the safety of the several hundred members of staff in your care. The building security systems will be your responsibility; the CCTV, Access Control, and Intruder Alarms. You will also oversee the lock and unlock of the building to SLA requirements, ensuring our client’s business is secure. Responsive decision-making in out of hours’ alarm activations will require your level-headedness and quick thinking.

General building maintenance will be a huge part of your role. The constant delivery and improvement of the service will require your extensive experience and dedication. You’ll perform both hard and soft FM duties, as well as overseeing the planned preventative maintenance programme, to ensure all plant and systems are maintained to SFG20 standards and within budgets. This highly important role will also involve supervising the 15-year Capex building improvement programme to timescales and budgets.

Apply now

This is an extremely diverse, and responsible role. Our client needs someone with your extensive industry knowledge and abilities to run their offices safely and effectively.

Our client is only accepting applications through our company, leading facilities management recruitment firm Maxwell Stephens.

Please email your CV to cv@maxwellstephens.com or call us on 0207 118 48 48.

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