Facilities Manager

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  • Job Reference: Pr/000173
  • Job Title: Facilities Manager
  • Location: Old Street
  • Basic Salary Range: Up to £50,000 + Corporate Package
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Posted 6 years ago
  • This position has been filled

A rare and exciting opportunity to work for a hugely impressive corporate company with an illustrious history, on a part time basis.

Maxwell Stephens’ client has tasked the UK’s leading Facilities Recruitment Company, Maxwell Stephens, to find a dedicated, experienced and action-orientated professional to become its Facilities Manager. This diverse, dynamic and ethical company is seeking someone who is both enthusiastic and well organised for their stand-out office in London.


  • You are naturally outgoing and personable; this helps you develop positive relationships with a wide range of people effortlessly. You easily maintain great, productive relationships with your team, superiors, and other colleagues. You’re always willing to help others, regardless of the task or role responsibilities.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills are your hallmark. This important role requires you always communicate clearly and effectively; making your points apparent while actively listening to your colleagues. As an extremely effective manager, you skilfully persuade and influence others when necessary.
  • Your organisation skills are second to none. You are on the ball with your timekeeping; never missing a deadline. Achieving targets is important to you, so you always diligently plan ahead. Keeping calm in a crisis and thriving under pressure are what you’re all about.
  • It’s not just time you’re good at budgeting; with your past in project management, you’re used to planning and managing financial budgets. You’re also brilliant at prioritising tasks to achieve your goals, meeting performance targets and outputs.
  • With your previous experience in managing facilities and functions in an office, you’ve been working towards this position. Our client will greatly value and utilise your proven track record in managing teams and dealing with difficult situations.
  • You’ve implemented health and safety procedures before and could easily do it again. You have all the relevant health and safety training, and can’t wait to put it to good use.
  • Decision making excites you. Your judgement is crucial, as you solve problems quickly and logically to keep the company running as smoothly as possible.


  • As an enthusiastic team player, you’ll join a fantastic group of staff at our client. They are deeply committed to encouraging and enforcing high ethical standards in the workplace. Environmentally conscientious and supportive of multiple charities, you’ll join a team which proudly professes its ethical company culture.
  • Managing your own facilities team, you will evaluate their performance; providing support, training and development where it’s needed. You’ll also manage staff in departments under remit, helping them to increase productivity and meet the needs of the business; including reception, the post room, file control, information research and catering.
  • The health and safety of all employees at our client will be in your hands as you form and implement new policies and procedures. Your regular risk assessments and swift responsive action will keep your colleagues safe and happy.
  • As the facilities manager, you will make use of your communication skills. You’ll liaise with landlords, agents, and tenants to review facilities, building controls and future plans. You’ll also be the point of contact for any queries and complaints about the premises, as well as for all aspects of the annual power shutdown. You’ll use your skills of negotiation to review supplier and contractor costs and manage tenders.
  • You’ll have the extremely important responsibility of ensuring the security and safety of the building. You will monitor access systems such as alarms, locks codes, and keys.
  • You will be required to set and monitor budgets throughout the year; including departmental expenditure, suppliers, and rent reviews.
  • You will work with HR to ensure office space planning meets the needs of the business. Any office equipment, moves, refurbishments and renovations will be managed by you.
  • Even communication in the company will rely on you; as you ensure all smart phones and switchboards are fit for purpose. You will maintain the facilities and contacts database, as well as the business continuity planning data. Your varied role is vital to the running of the company.
  • Managing procurement and contracts will be a regular part of your job. You will also be in charge of reviewing service charges, keeping things cost-effective at all times.


This is a demanding, yet extremely rewarding, role within an ethical company steeped in excellence and history. It’s an ever-changing and exciting opportunity requiring your passion and commitment.

To apply, call us on 0207 118 48 48 or email lilly@maxwellstephens.com with your CV. Don’t delay.

Our client have appointed Maxwell Stephens to find and select the very best in facilities management in the UK to fill this role.