Facilities Project Manager (Retail Background)

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  • Job Reference: PR/000122
  • Job Title: Facilities Project Manager (Retail Background)
  • Location: West London
  • Basic Salary Range: Up to £50,000 + Package & Opportunities
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Posted 5 years ago
  • This position has been filled

This is an exciting new role within one of Britain’s most recognised and respected retail consultancy companies. For several hundred years, our client has been operating successful indoor and outdoor retail sites across the country.

Now, due to their ongoing success and increasing demand, our client require a dedicated Project Manager to oversee their thriving operations in London and beyond and the delivery of consultancy projects.

Our client has asked the UK’s leading Facilities Management Recruitment firm, Maxwell Stephens, to find an experienced retail focussed Facilities Project Manager to fill this vital role.

Our client runs place making and events services and provides consultancy through one of their key divisions. This innovative new branch of the longstanding organisation revolutionizes their clients’ retail sites; consistently devising new and creative ways of generating footfall, transforming retail sites, and establishing new income streams.

After centuries of serving the public, this new division truly understands modern consumer demands and stakeholder engagement. Our client is an innovative, and cutting-edge answer to today’s retail market.

The right person for the team

Dynamic and ambitious, you’re determined to achieve the best possible outcome on every project. Driven by business growth, you are always seeking out new development opportunities. Inventing new ways to improve your service excites you. You’re target driven, and willing to go the extra mile to deliver amazing results.

You’re looking for your next challenge, and want a role that puts your skills to good use. After 10 years in retail property leadership including non-standard retail, you’re adept at juggling multiple projects simultaneously. You have experience working with and for SMEs. You lead and deliver on consultancy projects. Your project management skills are highly advanced; working to deadlines, monitoring budgets, and overseeing teams are child’s play to you.

That’s why you’re ready for the next step. You want to establish new destinations, and you’re eager to learn new skills.

Corporate drone is not your style, and neither is being stuck behind a desk. You prefer a hands-on management style, working alongside your team to achieve results. With world-class interpersonal skills, you are a confident and inspiring leader.

Our client needs someone with your experience, and you’re ready to pass on your knowledge by mentoring junior team members. With your motivation and inspiration, you’ll help your team to provide excellent customer service.

You can communicate effectively with people on all levels; capable of working alongside tenants, property developers, local authorities, and other professionals.  You already have a good understanding of retail property markets, and experience in working with small businesses, making you perfect for this role.

What you’ll be doing

When you join our client, you’ll meet your amazing Operations Team. The junior team will rely on you, as you pass on your extensive industry knowledge and expertise. Helping both the experienced and the junior team members to develop their skills, you’ll be amazed at their enthusiasm, commitment to the company, and their willingness to learn.

You’ll be responsible for the integration of project management principles and procedures across the team. As a dedicated leader, you will also line manage, mentor, train and develop the Head of Ops, Head of Consultancy and Head of Sales & Marketing, who all reports into you, ensuring they all meet their 12-month development plan, and helping to widen their skill sets. The entire team will depend on you to achieve their goals.

In this highly important role, our client will need you to integrate established project management procedures throughout the business. This will include everything from planning, sequencing, scheduling, and monitoring, to reporting, budgeting, and even risk analysis. Performing these critical tasks for our client, you’ll be an asset to the company.

At last, you have found the challenge you have been looking for! In this role, not only will you lead the development of company projects, you will play a key role in winning new business projects. Our client will need you to identify amazing business opportunities for them, and manage the entire process of bidding for the contract. Alongside one of the Directors, you will have the incredible job of helping this historic company continue to grow!

Day to day, you will have the vital responsibility of overseeing the operation of business sites for our client. This is a rewarding role will be like running your very own retail site. You’ll lead all aspects of the existing retail consultancy projects, including the personnel, budgets, and resources, ensuring a cost-effective and high standard service at all times.

Your new company will need your experience and professionalism in huge projects, such as site ‘take overs’. You will make sure the process is smooth and seamless. Ensuring the site integrates into the company without issue, and in line with the required policies and procedures.

In addition, you will produce monthly operations reports for the Executive, reviewing the progress of each of your projects. You will aid in the constant development and innovation of your projects, helping your company to achieve its goals and continue to grow.

Using your diplomacy and outstanding interpersonal skills, you will take responsibility for many client facing meetings. Your ability to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders will be deeply valued by our client.

Apply now

Ultimately, your role will be to direct, control, and coordinate our clients sites in an innovative way. You will be responsible for driving the success of each project, and helping the business to grow.

This historic company needs your creativity, flexibility, imagination and innovation to succeed in the modern world. The dedicated, and enthusiastic team need your experience, abilities, and motivation to achieve the best possible results.

Apply today through Maxwell Stephens to join our client as their Project Manager. Call 0207 118 48 48 or email your CV to cv@maxwellstephens.com.




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