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Bracewell is a leading law and government relations firm primarily serving the energy, finance and technology industries throughout the world. Following numerous unsuccessful recruitment campaigns through a variety of other recruitment agencies, Bracewell were recommended to work exclusively with Maxwell Stephens on the recruitment of an Office Manager to be based in their London Office.

Maxwell Stephens did a great job! They were incredibly patient and proved my assertion that we needed to look for a different type of agency to fill this position. By some margin the candidates that came from Maxwell Stephens were of better calibre and more suitable for the position and our organisation. They understood very well what we were looking for and provided people who fit that mould.

As Office Manager, the post holder would have a wide range of duties and responsibility covering all many different areas. In terms of personnel management, the successful candidate would supervise assistants, front desk and administrative staff in coordination with the Director of Finance and the HR department. This would include appraisals, allocating workloads and overtime and conducting regular staff meetings. They would also work closely with the Director of Finance when hiring and training administrative personnel.

The post holder would also have a number of Facilities and Maintenance responsibilities. The Office Manager would coordinate daily office operations, maintenance and repairs, communication with building management as appropriate to ensure the office was functioning at optimum levels. They would also assist with vendor selection, management, quality control and cost effectiveness.

The Position

The Candidate

The ideal candidate needed to have 3 to 5 years of experience working in office operations and Human Resource management, preferably with applicable HR certification. As a responsive and effective problem solver, the post holder would need to have strong attention to detail and be a good communicator with all levels of lawyers and staff.

Working in a relatively small office (32 people), meant that corporate fit and personal attributes were a major consideration for this recruitment campaign. With little room for delegation, the role would be very hands on requiring someone with a strong organisational focus and the ability to coordinate office and staff operations simultaneously.

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